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Everyone who has installed before 11/30/2014 needs to get the new setup file at

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Alergy season always slows me down. Only 1 more month to get through it!
I've been working on a frame which is required for upgrading to as3 code.
My software upgrades of the tools used to write the craft board don't have frames and as2 cannot be mixed with as3. So I have to upgrade the code and frame. There is over 10,000 lines of code to translate. But when it's done there's tons of new stuff that can be added. Like 3d z indexing, transitions, and it's 10 times faster.

So there may not be too many changes until this is done. I haven't found any new errors to fix.
There have been a few logins with the tester button checked. No errors were found from the test reports. No errors have been reported with the lady bug in the last few days.
Remember you can also use the lady bug to ask any questions.

I did repost the download at

Thankyou again to all the people who checked the tester checkbox while using the board.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

That replace item button in the drawer should work now. But I do need to put some better indicators in the drawer. If anyone has an error with it please use the ladybug button to let me know. I appreciate all your reports.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I stayed up pretty late last night. Worked through the order panel again. Will post the update tonight after a double check. Soon I hope to get on with the design phase. There were a few problems with a couple server scripts that were fixed.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Server Changes
We're in the process of setting up At that site you can log in with your craftboard id. The site will be set up to post designs that people want to share and/or beads for sale. The admin panel will have a link to this page from the panel where you add your items price.

fixs today
I found a mistake yesterday that kept me from loading my design. Was a tricky one, but should be fixed. So if anyone encountered this check back in and let me know if you find any errors.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bead Software, Design Online, Craft Board

This is a blog about the software I've been writing in my spare time for the last 4 years. Because I know people are scanners I will try to make this blog easy to read with questions people might have. I will post updates and ideas I hope to get feedback on. Also it's easy for a user to report directly to me from a little lady bug button from within the program. But I thought it would be nice to converse as a community also. So here goes my first blog!

What is it?
The craft board is a place where people who sell crafty stuff can upload and sell just about anything that requires putting several parts together to make a whole. This can be beaded necklaces, bracelets, ring settings. Or maybe beaded t-shirts.

How much does it cost?
To shop and design on the Craft Board is FREE. There is a charge to access the admin panels. These panels allow a seller to upload to he board. It gives the user access to an admin panels for posting items.

What is necessary to sell
You must be a member of paypal to be a seller. Our cart system uses paypals masspay system. So this is mandatory.

When can sellers sign up
Our system is being tested. We're going to allow only a few sellers in the beginning. This is because we need to grow as we go. If we grow too fast we might not have enouph support to help everyone. If your interested you can send an email with the lady bug button within the application giving us your website or company name.

How does the cart work
For those who know how hard it is to keep track of little bits and pieces of stock I created the Cart Request System. Simply put, items are requested before they are purchased. This system makes a great bartering tool.
1. The buyer requests an item.
2. There are 2 parts of the cart. The buyers details and the sellers details.
3. The seller has the option to change any prices, quantity, or detail of the request and post it in the sellers area.
4.The buyer can then view the response and change any details of the price or quantity in the buyers section.
5. The buyer cannot check out until the sellers details match the buyers details.
6. When they are in agreement they can purchase the item requested.
7. The buyer uses paypal to pay for items in their project. A consignment fee is deducted.
8. The seller views and ships the products ordered.

What can be done on the canvas?
On the canvas you can do several things.
Move items around of course.
Group items together so you can move whole patterns you have pieced together.
Create strands that can be pulled around.
Rotate groups or items.
Place patterns together as a larger group. I call this tiling.
Save your design for viewing later.
Draw shapes and lines. Change colors and sizes of shapes and lines.
Place images of product on the canvas.

Where is it?
We want to hear your opinions. It is a work in progress. If something doesn't seem right or if you like it use the lady bug to let us know.