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Everyone who has installed before 11/30/2014 needs to get the new setup file at

Monday, December 31, 2012

Ugh! It's Murphy's Law

I found one problem with items not dragging right after the program loads. It should work now.

Last Christmas my PC went on the fritz because of an anti-virus program. And this year the cord is breaking, where it plugs in. So my programming plans for this week may fall apart.

I don't even know what to do anymore without my PC functioning. I think I will just go crazy. Especially now that I have my download ready for testing.

I saw a Lenova (think that is what it is called at Best Buy). It looked pretty nice. But takes only $1000 out of my strained budget.

So I guess my download may be postponed if it breaks completely. Right now it is charging with a chair propped up against the plugin. :(

I'm praying to God to keep it together so I can finish.

Many thanks to the lady that emailed me about the new app. I hope it will be helpful with designing.

Items cannot be added without the download. I do have the ability to make that happen online also. It's just a matter of time to get the code written. And of course I have to have a PC that works. :(

I will post about a download within a couple days if this cord will hold out. Otherwise it may be 3 or 4 weeks from now.

Setup Updates! Yay!

I spent all day getting the down loader ready. I just tested it and all seems to work right. But will do more testing tomorrow. If I find no hic-ups I'll post it tomorrow. I've been waiting 2 years for this, So I'm really excited! That free's up the next 7 days to get the cart and back end working better. I also put in a lighter wood frame for the canvas windows.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Setup Works, Now to make it update.

I've been working round the clock to get it done before school starts. It's looking pretty, but I see a bunch of places that need comments fixed.

The install file works, but the update code does not work yet. I had to restructure the version code, and that means the update code needs fixing too. So I'm guessing that will take a couple days of writing and testing.

I'm getting tired fast though. Comes from pushing too hard too fast. But I'm sure the download will be up by Jan 7.

I see a few little quirks like the mouse disappearing when over the lower part of the canvas. But those little things will make good trial runs for checking the update code. Until then your free to check out the online version.

Till next week!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Finally, I got the setup file created!

Darn! Kick Start said they only allow for projects that are not upgraded on a normal basis. So I guess I'm on my own trying to get this done.

I spent all week making a one click script to set the updates. It works, and now I just need to test it. I'm thinking that on Jan 1 or 2 2013 I will have the setup file posted.

However the Cart will not be enabled for any users.

You will only be able to add items. And it will be in testing mode for all users.

Once school starts I will only have a few hours a week to work on it. I'm thinking of working less this summer to get the tools done. But at least the basics will be up.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Kickstart video

Schools out, but work has doubled.  I work for the college cleaning up after sports events.  There is so much energy here at this college, it makes me tired just watching all these kids.

In the mornings I work on my Kickstarter video.   Just looking at myself made me feel pretty old.  LOL, So I  put the transparency on 70% to hide all the wrinkles.

Enough of the small talk!  I tried to make the video short, but it took 10 minutes to say all I needed to say.  About 15 seconds per frame, and 21 frames.   I put it up on also.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Schools Out and I'm on it!

Today is the first day I have to concentrate only on the craft board.  Then the download will be the next hurdle.  The cart is unusable till I'm done creating the database structure for the requests panel.  But now items can be added.  I plan on using XML on the client side for offline searches.  Even though I'm out of school, my day has been filled with 4 more hours of work time.  I am planning to put this project on to buy me some developing time.  The presentation is currently being made, and hope it will be up this week.

Hope everyone is having a great December!  Till next time, cheers!