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Everyone who has installed before 11/30/2014 needs to get the new setup file at

Saturday, April 28, 2012

First 2 windows are in

I'm not sure which was harder, writing the component or plugging it in. I'm trying to apply all I've learned this last year while in school. And that takes time too. But with a little plugging and playing I finally got it to work right. Works great in fact! So the next week should go a little faster with plugging in the rest of the windows. Then I have to come up with a new canvas system because the interface is so different. I'm thinking about a month for that. I wish I was done now, but this was worth the time.

Monday, April 16, 2012

My own new window component

I was working on getting the panels in and finishing up some testing. Meanwhile yearning for my interface to be better. So I made a rash decision to stop right where I was and just make it better. It took me 10 days to write. I still have to plug in the button functions. The idea is to have inner windows that users are custom to. And to make more canvas space. Now to get it plugged in to the bead software.

I was hoping to be online with it this month. But I think this was worth the 2 week wait.