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Sunday, June 24, 2012

We're dropping our drawers!

With new windows everywhere it got kinda confusing because everything looked the same. So with a little thought and missing my drawer panel, I decided to put it back. But with a little better design. Some wood texture and a drawer handle. It had to have something that suggests you can open it. I recreated the drawer, so now you can see each item that pertains to a thumbnail. I also made the drawer drag and drop between the search panels. I'm working as fast as I can, but it's still not fast enough. I'm past my upload date goal. But I guess we all make goals that are always late. I've trimmed the tools to the bare necessities so I can finish hopefully this summer. Crossing my fingers.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Inheritance is in with a new testing panel for more fun stuff.

Those who know object oriented programming will understand the title of this post. I just post this here so I will know when I hit the milestones in the development process. Inheritance is a way of grouping items and not duplicating code. It took me about 2 weeks in my off time to scrap the item processing I have and replace it with items that have sub items. For instance Shapes->Rectangle->Square type categorization. Grouping was the most challenging. After completing that I realized my loading code was reduced to less than 10 lines. It's untested, but I'm confident it will work. I've got a new search panel and hope to get that same system in the drawer this week. I've also created a condensed board for creating new tools. But now it's finals week, so I have to hurry!