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Everyone who has installed before 11/30/2014 needs to get the new setup file at

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I have been working on the masking tool all week. It seems to work better. I also change the tile loader. It should load very quickly now. Also the images can now be masked with a tile as long as the mask has no inner tiles in it. If some of you are not sure what that means don't worry. I don't think anyone will go that far to use it. But it is possible.

So the brush is up. Now I want to put in a new panel to view and reload any images uploaded, At this time you can only save the image in a file. And if you delete it from the canvas it has no way of being viewed again.

So that will be this week I hope!

I have 3 servers now for the project. I'm still setting up on the new server. I seem to be having trouble getting the dns names to work. So it's takiing me a while to get it back. It's been lower on the priority list, and wanted to get the new tools up first.

See ya next week!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New stuff and new server

Be sure to read the post below!
We also have a new server being setup for perlygates and for is being setup today, so there has been some interuption there.
However perlygates is on an interim server. There should be no interuptions.
This server is hosted within our own offices. So users should get better service with less downtime. And easier management for admin.

New Stuff in the Tool Bar!

I've been soooo busy programming and not enouph blogging! So what have I been up to for the last 2 months? Well, the craft board has 3 more important tools. All of which took 2 months to write.
1. Image tool with cropping ability. You can now open your own images into the craftboard and use them to make the image grids described below. Or you can draw shapes and use the mask tool like a cutter to cut quilt shapes.
2. Image grid tool takes any image or shape pattern and turns it into color blocks. You can then use the plotter tool to plot items on the color blocks. It will fill in blocks of similar colors. You can contol how similar the colors can be. You can search for similar colors within a region, or within the whole image grid. This could be used for seedbead patterns or weave patterns.
3. NOT UPLOADED UNTIL OCT 11 or 12. The last tool I made is the brush tool. With this tool you have 3 different shapes you can brush with. It can have many purposes. For masks you can make shapes that are irregular.

Here is how the craftboard tools might be used together:
Let's say you want to draw a lucky 4 leaf clover for an applique design.
1. You could use the circle shape for making 4 circles and a square for the stem.
2. Then use the curve tool to draw the stem a little better.
3. Then use the brush tool to fill in the blank area between the curved lines and the stem.
4. Then select all the shapes you used to make the 4 leaf clover and open the clip tool.
5. Click the checkmark in the clip tool. This puts the pattern in the clipboard.
6. When it opens in the clipboard turn on the tile tool there.
7. This takes all the shapes you just made and keeps them together when you drag it back to the canvas.
Now you have a lucky clover on the canvas. Use it with the masking tool to cut patterns out of your own images or to create an image grid for seedbeads.