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Monday, April 26, 2010

Finished intro page in as3

I thought this would be easy. But instead it was exasperating! Rollovers and clicks were unmanageable without a complete rewrite. So it took me a few days of reading, typing, and testing.
1. XML is different
2. Motion had to be handled differently for smooth transitioning
3. Clicks had to be globalized for spinning items.
4. No rollovers for moving items. They sometimes would not fire.

You want to talk about a frustrated programmer!
I'm afraid of what's going to happen when I get to the canvas code.
It should not be as hard because items are only moved by the users dragging them.
In the intro page the items are oscillating on their own.
So the next step is to load all the panels and test each panels code. This is already written. So I just need to change a few areas with XML, and loading saved files. Also my tabs and scroll bar need rewritten.

I'm thinking another month of constant typing before the upgrade is finished.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Progress with rewriting Craftboard

I have the panels loading now and sequence is changed so it does not prompt to update. It just gets the most recent panels. I spent more than 40 hours on it this week. Now to test all the buttons. The testing phase will take at least a week to completely fix. It's still in AS2, but written so AS3 will run also. I think AS3 testing will be in within 2 weeks. But testing time for AS3 may be a month. It's not hard, but time consuming.

So I'll be back next week. I'm excited that it's not a 5 month rewrite.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Done! Finally got all the scripts translated.

Been working since 6am on it. That's 7 hours in this morning. My hands are tired and relieved they can stop! Tomorrow I'll start testing it. I have to change the loading procedure slightly. But have most of that in as3 already. So have to rewrite that part back to as2 until as3 is fully tested. What's really cool is the code will run in both as2 and 3 with the new wrappers. So until it's complete I'm only working in 1 file.

Now to go get to some physical exercise before I melt.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

5 more scripts to go

Well, I thought I would be done tonight, but am too pooped to pop. I should be happy because I finished most scripts and am only a few hours away from testing for broken references and as3. So, I guess I will wake up early and finish tomorrow morning.
About 71 changes to go, but who's counting.

Friday, April 9, 2010

21 more scripts to go

This should take about 3 days before testing begins. I can hardly wait till it's there. Because when this is in and tested I have a new 3d world to play with. This will bring some very interesting effects to design with. Like wrapping designs around spheres etc. I may have to have some more math skills. But am great at bumping up code to do what I need it to do. So next week will be testing week. I put in 5 hours this morning and the next 2 days just typing.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Had to postpone a couple days

Went around with a stomach flu last week. I got only half done that I wanted to do. I think I will have the code switched within 2 weeks. After that's done I want to put in a sticky note program. Emails are so unreliable. I have tried to contact a few members but have not recieved responses. This problem will be fixed with little paper resembling sticky notes that are pasted to the canvas till the user closes them.

I have most of the code translated. It's mainly testing and finding broken references now.